Demystifying Commission Fees and Pricing Structures on MCIP: A Comprehensive Guide

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Understanding Commission Fees and Pricing Structures on MCIP

Navigating the world of real estate transactions involves more than just listing your property. It’s essential to understand the commission fees and pricing structures to maximize your returns and make informed decisions. At MARIVA CONCEPT© INVESTMENT PARTNERS (MCIP), we offer transparent pricing models tailored to meet your needs. Here’s how to calculate commission fees and decipher our membership plans:

1. Membership Plans Overview:

  • Free Membership: Ideal for those starting out or exploring our platform. Enjoy a 12-month subscription with listing privileges for up to 500 properties and 150 featured listings.
  • PLUS Membership: For enhanced visibility and extended features, consider our PLUS plan. For just €85 per month, list up to 2500 properties and 1000 featured listings.
  • PREMIUM Membership: Unlock unlimited listing potential with our PREMIUM plan at €295 per month. Showcase your properties without restrictions and enjoy priority placement.
  • PREMIUM+ Membership: For comprehensive coverage and maximum exposure, opt for our PREMIUM+ plan. Save 30% with an annual subscription of €2,478, offering unlimited listings and featured properties.
2. Commission Fees:
Our success fees are calculated based on the transaction value, ensuring a fair and transparent process. For properties sold up to €10 million, the commission fee ranges from 0.50% to 0.20%, depending on your membership plan. Properties sold between €10 million and €50 million incur fees ranging from 0.40% to 0.10%, with similar variations for higher transaction values.

3. Understanding Transaction Value:
Transaction value refers to the final selling price of the property. MCIP’s success fees are applied based on the achieved transaction value, ensuring alignment with your property’s market worth.

4. Membership Benefits and Considerations:
Each membership tier offers unique benefits, such as increased listing capacity, priority placement, and access to premium features. Evaluate your real estate portfolio and transaction frequency to determine the most suitable membership plan for your needs. Keep in mind that our success fees vary depending on the membership level, providing flexibility and value for your investment.

5. Additional Considerations:
When listing your property on MCIP, ensure all images are watermark-free to enhance visibility and professionalism. Embrace the convenience of listing and transacting in cryptocurrency, but remember that MCIP exclusively accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum for property transactions. Commission fees also apply to real estate transactions conducted in cryptocurrencies, ensuring consistency and fairness across all payment methods.

Understanding commission fees and pricing structures is essential for optimizing your real estate transactions on MCIP. By selecting the right membership plan and leveraging our transparent fee structure, you can maximize your property’s exposure and achieve successful outcomes.
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