Property Types

  • 50% Residential Investment
  • 31% Office
  • 13% Retail
  • 6% Other

Property Status

  • 53% For Sale
  • 27% For Rent
  • 20% Crypto Listing

Property Cities

  • 58% Tallinn
  • 17% Monaco
  • 17% Vilnius
  • 8% Other


MARIVA CONCEPT®: Elevating Luxury Real Estate for Over 15 Years

For over a decade and a half, MARIVA CONCEPT® has been a shining beacon of excellence in the world of luxury real estate. With a distinguished presence in Monaco and Geneva, our firm has set new standards for sophistication and expertise.

Experience Matters: Our journey began over 15 years ago, and since then, MARIVA CONCEPT® has continually demonstrated unparalleled prowess in the luxury real estate market. Our seasoned team of over 90 dedicated real estate professionals spans the globe, providing our clients with unparalleled insights and access to premium properties.

Comprehensive Services: Whether you’re seeking the perfect residence, looking to list your luxury property, or envisioning the development of exclusive residential spaces, MARIVA CONCEPT® is your ultimate destination. Our comprehensive range of services includes sales, lettings, and residential development, ensuring that we meet your every real estate need.

Your Big Choice: At MARIVA CONCEPT®, we understand that luxury isn’t just about properties; it’s about a lifestyle. We pride ourselves on making your real estate dreams a reality. We’re not just a company; we’re your big choice for a life of opulence and elegance.

When it comes to luxury real estate, MARIVA CONCEPT® stands as an unwavering symbol of quality, integrity, and sophistication. Welcome to a world where luxury knows no bounds.

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