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MSIP offers both out-of-the-box and customized real estate investment strategies.
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At MCIP, we connect our clients with top agencies and developers worldwide. Our expansive global network includes over 1,000+ Investment Brokers and other professionals, along with 1,800+ Investor Profiles and strategic partners spanning 40+ countries.

No additional charges or commissions when partnering with us.
Collaborating with us won’t impact the property price or the commission you typically pay. The sale price of any property on our website matches that on our partner websites. We’ve established legal agreements with all our partners to ensure that your property purchase through us is conducted fairly, without incurring any extra costs or terms and conditions.

Our business operates with openness and clarity.
We provide our customers with comprehensive disclosure of all transaction-related details and information, including partner and counterparty names.

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Real Estate Transaction In 2020 / 2022

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Explore Investment Opportunities in the Baltic States

Are you seeking a yield of over 8%? Consider investing in construction projects in the Baltic and Scandinavian States

1. Reliable developers with a proven track record offering warranties or securing a place in the land register.

2. No additional costs for property maintenance or operation.

3. No requirement to establish a legal entity or open an account in the Baltic and Scandinavian States.

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Thinking about real estate investment but feeling unsure?

Learn why both commercial and residential properties are worth your consideration.

1. Strong returns on investment
Real estate investments often outperform bonds and deposits, sometimes matching or surpassing returns from stocks, offering a compelling financial opportunity.

2. Safeguarding Your Wealth: Capital Preservation Techniques
Real estate maintains its value except in cases of severe damage to the property or when the location is no longer suitable for habitation, unlike securities, which can be subject to volatile fluctuations.

3. Stability in Investment: Minimal Volatility
Real estate investments offer stability with minimal volatility, making them a reliable option in fluctuating markets.

4. Maximizing Tax Efficiency: Income Tax Optimization Strategies
Unlock the potential of income tax optimization strategies within the realm of real estate, empowering your financial growth and property investments.
5. Hedging Against Inflation: Safeguarding Your Investments
Real estate investments offer a robust shield against inflation, ensuring your assets maintain their value in changing economic climates.

6. Growth Potential: Unveiling Real Estate Price Appreciation
Real estate holds the promise of substantial price appreciation, making it a compelling choice for investors seeking long-term growth in their investments.

7. Consistent Cash Flow
Real estate investments provide a source of consistent cash flow, offering financial stability and long-term income reliability.

8. Using Financial Leverage in Real Estate
Leveraging your financial resources strategically in real estate can amplify your investment potential and open doors to greater returns.

An array of towering residential buildings in Viršuliškės, Vilnius, designed for those who aspire to live at greater heights and accomplish more. From 77k€ yielding 5%

Trustworthy developer with a proven track record in co-living ventures
A distinctive real estate location in a vibrant market
Returns exceeding the market average by 50% or more

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Phases of Investment

1. Submitting a Query
Send us your request along with a brief overview of your desired property or investment project.

2. Conversational Exchange
We’ll reach out to initiate a conversation regarding your inquiry and needs. Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit one of our nearby offices anytime.

3. Choosing Process
Once we’ve thoroughly discussed your requirements, we’ll proceed to choose the most suitable options for you.

4. Preparing documentation
Once you’ve selected your ideal property, our next step is to assist you in preparing the necessary documentation for a smooth and successful transaction, ensuring your investment process remains hassle-free.
5. Property Tours
Discover your potential future home through both in-person property tours and online viewings with our experienced experts, helping you find the perfect match.

6. Executing a Agreement
Culminating the process, the final step involves executing a contract, formally solidifying your property investment or acquisition with our expert guidance.

7. Funds Transfer
Initiating the financial phase, we facilitate the secure transfer of funds to complete your property transaction, ensuring a seamless and trustworthy process.

8. Earnings Receipt
Following the purchase, you start earning rental income, or once the project is completed, you begin to profit from its successful realization.

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