Discover Exceptional Investment Opportunities with MCIP: Presenting a Premier Portfolio of 49 Apartments for Sale in Vilnius!

MCIP, representing a private investor, is selling a portfolio of 49 apartments in Vilnius. The portfolio is attractive due to its liquidity and returns. An expert states that there have been no portfolios of rental housing of this size for sale in Vilnius so far.

The portfolio for sale, approximately 15.800.000 EUR, includes 49 apartments in the project “Šnipiškių perspektyvos” on Tobulėk Vilniuje Street, ≈ 83.67% of the portfolio, or 41 out of 49 properties, are let.

Alexander Wolf, the CEO of MCIP, comments that the majority of the properties for sale, although rented out as housing, are non-residential. “The properties are ready for rent, some of them are already rented and generate returns, so the purpose does not significantly influence issues such as property tax,” says A. Wolf.

Eliminating the cost of parking spaces, the average selling price of an apartment is around 4.000 – 4.100 EUR / m2, and 4.300 EUR / m2 with parking spaces. MCIP calculates that the average return on this portfolio is 5.5%.

According to Alexander Wolf, the portfolio can also be regrouped and purchased in smaller parts, but not one apartment at a time. He believes that the property could be attractive to both private and professional investors. “The prospects for the rental segment are not bad due to the arrival of the German Brigade soldiers, some of whom are likely to be looking for a home not only among the options offered by the Ministry of National Defense. The structure of the site, spread over several different projects, significantly increases the liquidity of the portfolio. This applies to both renting and selling,” says A. Wolf.


Recent enquiries we’ve received for larger numbers of units clearly indicate that landlords are avoiding high concentrations of rentals in one place, making different projects and locations advantageous,” comments A. Wolf.
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