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Hotels are a type of commercial real estate property that can be extremely profitable.


Industrial properties are used for a variety of purposes, like manufacturing, storage, and distribution.


We have a variety of land for sale, ranging in size and price. We can help you find what you’re looking for.

Mixed Use

Mixed-use properties are becoming popular, as they offer a combination of residential and commercial space.


Multifamily properties are a great investment providing you with rental income and potential appreciation.



There are many different types of offices, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your business.


These properties can be used for a variety of businesses, like retail stores, restaurants, and office space.

Special Purpose

Special purpose properties are perfect for businesses that need a specific type of custom-built space.

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Offices and Residential Deals

You can search through our marketplace and find the perfect place to buy or sell your business.

Unlocking Unparalleled Investment Potential

Tallinn, Estonia
  • 38.280€
  • ID: 29521
  • 1.740
  • By: Agency
  • Office

Versatile Commercial Space Near Tallinn Ring Road

  • 1.490.000€
  • ID: 26934
  • 1.323,7
  • By: Owner
  • Industrial, Office

Cutting-Edge Warehouse & Office Spaces

Tallinn, Estonia
  • 1.200.000€
  • ID: 26915
  • 1,383
  • By: Owner
  • Industrial, Office

Fully Leased Warehouse with 12 tenants , Yield 5%

Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 6.200.000€
  • 81€/m²
  • ID: 26861
  • 7.667,49
  • By: Broker
  • Industrial, Office

1.502 m² commercial premises, office

Tallinn, Estonia
  • 19.526€/month
  • ID: 25692
  • 1.502
  • By: Agency
  • Office

878 m² commercial premises, service, trade, office

Tallinn, Estonia
  • 12.292€/month
  • ID: 25653
  • 878
  • By: Agency
  • Office

1,740 m² commercial premises, service, office

Tallinn, Estonia
  • 38.280€/month
  • ID: 25621
  • 1.740
  • By: Agency
  • Office

Office spaces in a very central location

Oslo, Norway
  • ID: 25379
  • 297
  • By: Agency
  • Office

Prime Commercial Property for Sale in Vilnius!

Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 4.750.000€
  • ID: 24831
  • 1.013,76
  • By: Broker
  • Office

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